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Fabio Tamburini interviews Ernesto Preatoni.

Why can Ernesto Preatoni be defined without any effort as a real pioneer? The answer is easy: he knew how to build new roads in territories that were unexplored at the time.

It all begun with the start of the climb of Bi-Invest, the first big climb in the Italian stock market, in Piazza Affari. It continued with the assault on the sky of high finance in Milan, when he focused on Generali, the insurance giant from Trieste, by taking control of Enrico Cuccia’s of Mediobanca.

After the attacks on the banks there was the discovery and the launch of Sharm El Sheikh and the investments in real estate in the Baltic States. All of the initiatives took place keeping in mind the principle of “when the going gets tough, the tough take to the field”.

Surely Preatoni knew how to create a fortune starting from Garbagnate, a little town in the north of Milan, and from the conversations with Aldo Ravelli who for half a century was the protagonist of the Italian stock exchange.


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