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The Pioneer

If economics were an exact science instead of a discipline open to different opinions, Ernesto Preatoni’s eight theses would have had the same effect on our “Italian-European” government as Martin Luther’s 95 theses affixed to the door of Wittenberg Castle Church. On the contrary, the “Church” of Italian euro-supporters considers them heresies. Fortunately, over the past five-hundred years, the world has changed, otherwise Preatoni would have burnt in a fire fueled by his own books and articles, just like Michael Servetus. There has been no schism yet and Europe still dominates with its “own” truths; euro still occupies its place and, because of it, high unemployment and low real growth rates permeate Italy and most of Europe. As Preatoni stated, let’s resign ourselves to that and see what we can do to defend ourselves: this is the aim of his new work.
What Preatoni wants to do is to fight the indifference of our ruling class which still believes that politics can lead the Country out of decadence. Italy’s real problem is the inexistence of a consensus built around a regeneration program for civil and economic growth that includes acceptable terms for euro and European Union.